What Is Dotties Weight Loss Zone?

Dotties weight loss zone is basically a website that is created by Dottie Coon, who is the lifetime member of Weight watcher’s. Dottie got great success in this program due to which she decided to create a website in order to help other people. Dotties Weight Loss Zone is basically a helper website to those individuals who are trying hard to lose weight. This website is well-supported by many support services that include a point value chart for American chain restaurant, forums and chat for support etc.

 Restaurant List

Dotties weight loss zone has a long list of restaurants that is getting longer day by day. It contains complete nutritional information about all types of restaurants such as from a small café to a large restaurant. You can get nutritional value of each item that is listed on the menu of these restaurants.

Add Recipes to Recipe Section

Users can add their favorite recipes to the recipe section on Dotties weight loss zone.  A great number of recipes are already the part of this website. Most of these recipes are for weight loss.

Get Food Lists, Restaurant Files and Menus

There are food listings on this weight loss zone that contain points that are shown at the end of each listing in black and red colors. Dotties weight loss zone is offering downloadable restaurant files, menus and food lists that you can download for your Pocket PC or Palm OS.

Solid Support System

Dotties weight loss zone is facilitated with good support system. There is a message board where people trying to lose weight can share their problems with other people. They can chat, give support or ask for help from other members of this weight loss zone. These chat rooms are safe and secure. Registration is easy and every individual has to register in order to use chat room. This weight loss zone also gives away a free newsletter for offline support and motivation of its users.

Cookbooks of Dotties Weight Loss Zone

In order to encourage people to avoid eating out and to eat at home, Dotties weight loss zone has two cookbooks that are out-of-print. These cookbooks are available in PDF format for only $15. These cookbooks contain those recipes that have been shared by the members of this weight loss zone in addition to Dottie’s personal favorite recipes. All of these recipes are low-fat and ideal for use on a Weight Watcher’s program.

In conclusion, Dotties weight loss is a treasure for all those people who are trying to lose weight. It contains everything that is required to help you lose unwanted pounds. These things include jokes, recipes, interesting information, a wide range of cooking styles and ethnicity, menus with nutritional value, a complete guide about how to convert recipes to points and serving sizes etc. So, if you are trying to shed of extra pounds, you should use Dotties weight loss zone to get motivation and to achieve your weight loss goals with proper guidance.