How did Matthew McConaughey lose weight

The hot subject this days seems to be how did Matthew McConaughey lose weight. And how can you not ask yourself that when you see the shocking transformation that the Hollywood star went through. He did all that for the role in the movie “The Dallas Buyers Club” in which he plays a man from 1986 diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

If you are curious about how did Matthew McConaughey lose weight you should know that he did it all in a healthy way, under close supervision. He says that he has been checked and his levels are fine and he is “as healthy as can be”. He is also saying that losing those 38 pounds helped him understand his body better, his anatomy.

How did Matthew McConaughey lose weight through diet

When asked how did Matthew McConaughey lose weight he said that he did it through dieting. That he believes that the weight loss was 90 percent due to the diet. That losing weight is related on how much you eat. If you eat less, you will lose more weight then eating the same amount of food but exercising.

He said that he also did cardio as a healthy exercise, but diet was the main way on how did Matthew McConaughey lose weight. His stomach , muscles and other organs shrank and this made him need way less food then before. He was thinking of having a cheeseburger after the movie ends, but he is not sure he will be able to eat it all.

On an interview, when he was asked about how did Matthew McConaughey lose weight and what was it that he ate, he said that he ate a lot of fresh fish and drank a lot of water.

How did Matthew McConaughey lose weight  – the process

Asked how did Matthew McConaughey lose weight, the actor said that there were good moments when the weight was going down rapidly, and hard moments when he really had to struggle to get it off. The small problem was with his energy level which dropped about 35 percents, but it stabilized once he got to the weight he wanted to.

How did Matthew McConaughey lose weight? He says that passing the 170, 160 and 150 pounds were harder, but after reaching those plateaus the weight came off easier.


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